Farmers urged to take farming as business

Karonga: Danish Church Aid (DCA), an international non-governmental organization (NGO), has underscored the need to impart agricultural knowledge to lead farmers in order for them to embrace farming as a business.

DCA’s Disaster Officer, Lewis Karenda said lack of agricultural knowledge among smallholder farmers has held back farmers in realizing the benefit of taking up farming as a business.

He was speaking over recently during the closing ceremony of a three-day Ulimi ndi Business workshop for 10 lead farmers drawn from Karonga and Chitipa districts.

Karenda said due to existing knowledge gap, unscrupulous traders have taken advantage to purchase farmers’ produce at low prices causing farmers to make losses despite working hard in their fields.

Malawi’s economy relies on agriculture; so it’s important that smallholder farmers are imparted with knowledge on how they can take farming as a business to boost their economic status, he said.

The workshop, which was organized by Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) with funding from DCA, was aimed at equipping farmers with farm business skills, among other things.

EAM’s Project Officer, Layman Kaira said the trained lead farmers are expected to impart the knowledge gained to their respective communities.

We hope that the lead farmers will train others in their respective areas and come up with cooperatives for all farmers.

If they form groups as cooperatives, they can set prices for their animals and farm produce rather than selling as individuals at low prices, Kaira said.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA