Fine Artist Volunteers To Mentor Youth

A 57-year-old fine artist, Leo Odoyo Obambo, has volunteered to mentor youth to learn and practice fine art that can earn them a living.

Obambo who hails from Migori and has been working for the last 30 years, says he deals with fine art, murals, portraits, drawings, developing signage and other forms of fine arts that earn him Sh. 75 000 to Sh. 80 000 monthly.

He says he is also willing to link the youth who will undergo training and mentorship to many of his clients and other customers across the country to kick start their journey in fine art.

Obambo was speaking in Kakamega after developing a ground model which took him four days cashing in Sh. 35 000.

He says with fine art, a client provides the materials needed for instance; for the ground model he required several materials like tree seedlings, gravel, sand and timber whose cost was met by the client.

Obambo noted that he acquired the skills in fine art from a village polytechnic in Migori in 1989 and started practicing the skill that has enabled
him to take care of his nine children.

‘Art pays, you can be a fine artist, you can be a mural artist, wildlife artist and you can even sell your products online,’ he noted.

Source: Kenya News Agency