First Lady interacts with women living in United Kingdom (UK)

London: Malawi’s First Lady, Prof. Gertrude Mutharika Saturday asked Malawian ladies living in United Kingdom (UK) to support initiatives she is implementing in the country to rid young girls from early marriage bondage and take them back to school.

The First Lady made the plea at Hyatt Hotel in Westminster, London, where she hosted the ladies to an afternoon tea for purposes of interaction.

Briefing the women, she outlined initiatives Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) under her patronage, is implementing that is geared to promote girls’ education and make Malawi clean and beautiful.

She informed the women in diaspora that presently, BEAM is providing bursary to about 2,000 girls, saying most of these girls are registering in both public and private universities, even those who had been withdrawn from early marriages.

Prof. Mutharika said she believes education is the most sustainable area of development, therefore, initiatives to promote it needs support from the women in diaspora and other stakeholders to achieve desired objectives.

Let us make contacts and network to protect girls from early marriages and support their education, she urged.

BEAM Trust is providing bursary for needy girls, constructing girls’ hostels to prevent girls from walking long distances to school, planting trees and mobilizing women and girls for cervical cancer screening, just to mention a few initiatives.

A representative of the women living in the UK, Dr Neza Kalilani Chatuwa, who is also Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary in UK, acknowledged the need to support development initiatives Mutharika under BEAM is implementing to promote the girl child in the country.

She recognised the need for the diaspora to support such initiatives.

Dr Chatuwa cited the need to have proper personnel in the country, Malawi in order to properly process the accounts for the assistance that may be rendered.

According to the First Lady, the aim of the function was for her to make interaction with ladies in the UK and devise ways of coordinating and complementing each other towards the promotion of girls’ education and other development initiatives in Malawi.

The First Lady is in company with the country’s President, Prof. Peter Mutharika who participated in the 2018 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) which ended Friday.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA