FPA to unveil medical scheme sponsor for players

Blantyre. Football Players Association (FPA) has found a potential sponsor who will be unveiled at the start of the second round of TNM Super League.

The Sponsor has offered to help in the medical scheme part of FPA’s budget.

Since its inception at Football Association of Malawi (FAM) Annual General Meeting (AGM), the organization has been struggling to grow its membership as majority of the TNM Super League teams did not show interest to join the newly formed group due to misunderstandings.

The body set a cut of eight per cent from gate revenue for all games organized by FAM and Super League of Malawi (SULOM) as the main source of revenue.

The move attracted resistance from Super League Clubs who said the gate collections are already small looking at other football partners who benefit from such gate collections.

In interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Thursday in Blantyre, FPA General Secretary, Ernest Mangani said the newly formed organization is no longer interested on issues of gate takings because they have taken a different approach which is talking to a number of corporate organizations.

At the moment we have 64 if not 65 members that have registered but moving into the second round, the numbers are going to increase because we are going to unveil the potential sponsor during the first or second week of TNM super league second round scheduled to kick-off in a few days to come.

The potential sponsor shall provide the medical scheme part of our budget but also officially launching the association. Therefore, it’s quite exciting news which we hope will motivate all the players as well and other teams to join the association, he said.

Mangani pointed out that FPA is in talks with other stakeholders who most of them have already shown interest to sponsor FPA’s activities, adding that at the moment, the 8 eight per cent cut of gate takings has not been cancelled because the proposals are still being discussed by different stakeholders.

Meanwhile many football teams are in full support of the organization saying as it will help the players and ease the team’s job of mediation with players since FPA can sort out issues when teams have differences with their players.

Mighty Be Forward Wanderers, General Secretary, Mike Butao said FAM, which is the football mother body in the country, should start recognizing the importance of this initiative by contributing towards the organization.

Clubs do struggle financially and associations like FAM and SULOM have a larger percentage of shares from the gate collections than the money that the clubs take. So we believe that the two bodies should actually contribute a larger percentage than the clubs towards this.

When you look at FIFA clue or laws towards the associations like FPA, it says that the clubs should not fund the organization, it is the players themselves. As clubs we are ready to contribute towards this, but FAM should also recognize FPA’s importance, he observed.

Butao pointed out that teams want a clear understanding on the mode of funding of the organization.

Nyasa Big Bullets Chief Executive Officer, Fleetwood Haiya said that time would come when they would register their players.

The organization has not yet started and when it does, it will help the players but comparing with the welfare that the fund is going to give, we are far much better. When we talk of the issue of insurance, ours is more premiered than the one the FPA is going to provide.

What we are saying as Bullets is that, we are backing that players welfare should be at heart of every team and with the coming of the association, it will help in improving football, he said.

Media reports are indicating that at the moment, only three teams in the Super League, Dwangwa United, Moyale Barracks and Nchalo United have registered with the player’s welfare body and other three individual players have done the same.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA