From Nkhata Bay with Afro beat music

Nkhata Bay, He may not be popular enough, but surely, listening to his newly released five songs, one easily notices the aptitude in this 23-year-old Nkhata Bay based Afro music singer.

Born Anderson Nkhoma, but known as Spark in music circles, he is the brains behind MBCtv hot show’s Touching Base number one hit Khethe khethe.

The hit song Khethe khethe, which he did in collaboration with Mzuzu based Spy T and GB, has ruled Touching Base for four weeks and is also enjoying massive air play on various radio stations nationwide.

To add an icing on his blossoming music career, Spark made an impression last year when he curtain-raised Nigerian super star Rick Hassan’s northern region tour, a feat the young artist still cherishes as the best in his career.

I started singing at a tender age and I grew up with a feeling that my music will grow because I work hard and always try to give the best to satisfy fans’ needs, says the blooming artist.

So far, he has released five songs, namely, Show me the way, I will follow you, Mwana wa neba, Ndi mmene ndilili and Khethe Khethe, with his crew composed of Spy T, Stevol and GB.

This is in addition to his various collaborations with established local stars like Mafo and Mady P.

Despite slowly making significant inroads on the country’s music stage, Spark bemoans the tough terrain upcoming artists from distant areas face to break through.

Compared to our friends who are based in urban areas where access to media outlets is easier, we struggle to break through with our music because we almost do everything on our own without someone to lead and guide us. We face difficulties to have our songs heard on radio stations or television. It just takes the grace of God to be put on the spotlight, explains Spark.

Apart from music, Spark holds an Advanced Diploma in Rural and Community Development from Mzuzu Technical College.

He believes that if there were many music promoters and managers who reach out to upcoming artists from across the country, Malawi music could have been on the world map.

There is a lot of talent in various areas of the country which just needs unearthing, he says.

To his fans, Spark promises more Afro beat music and that once he finishes working on his other tracks, he will release an album.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA