GENET re-admits over 1,000 school dropouts in Dowa

Dowa: One of the renowned girls’ empowerment nongovernmental organizations in the country, Girls Empowerment Network (Genet), has re-admitted 1011 learners who dropped out of school in Dowa district, in a bid to make the learners to continue their education.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) Monday in Dowa, Genet Programmes Officer, Twambilile Kayuni said that her organization re-admitted the school dropout learners in its mission of back to school campaign in Dowa district.

The re-admission of the learners has been done through our campaign which is focusing in returning school dropout learners back to school in Dowa district, she explained.

Kayuni added that the learners who have been re-admitted took off their education due to different reasons which include poverty and early marriages.

The Programmes Officer pointed out that her organization has created community groups such as mother and father groups in different communities in the district to work together with teachers in supporting the learners who have been readmitted.

She stated that, Recently, Genet drilled community authorities from the district in child protection who will be making sure that children are protected and are going to school.

Kayuni is confident that their project which is being implemented in the areas of Traditional Authority (TA) Chakhaza and Kayembe would help to reduce school dropout rate due to early marriage and related cases among children mainly girls in the district.

we are implementing in the two TAs will help to trim down school dropout rate among children especially girls in the district, she observed.

Dowa District Commissioner (DC), Alex Mdooko commended Genet saying that the project which the organization is implementing in the district is positive development and would help to promote education among children especially girls.

Genet is implementing its project in the district with support from COMIC Relief in partnership with OXFAM Malawi.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA