Government call for effective implementation of DCS

Lilongwe, March 31, 2016: Government said it will ensure effective implementation of the Development Cooperation Strategy (DCS) in order to achieve desired development results.

Secretary to the Treasury, Ben Botolo said this Thursday at the opening of the Third Development Cooperation Group meeting at golden peacock hotel in Lilongwe.

He said the success implementation of the DCS depends on the commitment and involvement of all stakeholders in the country.

Botolo noted that there is much more to be done to achieve the desired state of development cooperation in the country and true challenge lies ahead.

He added that fruitful discussions will shape policy decisions for the betterment of the country as it strives to eradicate poverty through effective development cooperation.

Botolo said the grouping is of the dialogue structures outlined in the DCS and it functions as a technical arm of the High Level Forum ion Development Effectiveness.

“It is responsible for preparing the work of the High Level Forum, agreeing on topical issues for discussion, collecting views and analytical input on policy issues and following up on action points from the High Level Forum.” The Secretary for Treasury explained.

He said DCS was formulated by Malawi government in collaboration with Development Partners (DPs), private sector, Civil Society Organization (CSOs) and the academia.

“The aim was to improve the quality and effectiveness of development cooperation in Malawi, and to ensure that development support is coordinated, harmonized, focused on results, and aligned to national priorities, institutions and systems,” Botolo pointed out.

He thanked Development partners Troika, Department of Disaster Management Affairs, (DoDMA), Department of Economic Planning and Development (EP&D) and Development Assistance Coordination Unit in the Ministry of Finance and Planning and Development for organizing the meeting and preparing the presentations.

Chairperson for Development Partners Troika, Ambassador for Royal Norwegian Embassy, Kikkan Haugen said the country needs to develop a national plan of action to challenge the effects of climate change.

He said the development of National Resilience Plan (NRP) is instrumental to respond to the effects of natural calamities.

“The country faced its worse humanitarian crisis and this should serve as a wakeup call to all stakeholders,” Haugen noted.

The Development Cooperation Strategy for Malawi for the period 2014 -2018 was launched in 2014.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA