Government to continue constructing good roads – President Mutharika

Ntcheu: President Prof, Peter Mutharika has assured Malawians that government would continue constructing good roads in the country as one way of improving access to social services.

Speaking on Sunday at Chipusile School in Ntcheu where he laid a foundation stone for the 135 kilometres Tsangano Neno Mwanza road.

Mutharika described a good transport system and good road networks as key to development of any country.

I will ensure that I open this country through construction of good roads in each and every part of the country. It is only through good roads and road networks that a country develops, he assured.

The President said his vision is to see that all roads in the country including feeder roads in towns and cities are upgraded to better standards in 10 years’ time.

He expressed the hope that after completion, the road would improve social and economic life of communities in Ntcheu, Neno and Mwanza.

Mutharika said road is an important road which when finished would contribute towards the growth of the economic development of the country.

The benefits of this road are too numerous as you know that Tsangano is an agriculture rich area where they grow lots of crops like irish potatoes, cabbages, tomatoes, onions and others that we consume across Malawi. So its economic importance cannot be over emphasized, he said.

Mutharika promised Malawians in his 2014 manifesto that he would construct the road and that he was happy to see construction works taking place.

That was my dream to have this road constructed. I am happy that it is no longer a dream, but a reality that I am here today to launch the construction of the road. Several governments have been here before us, but none of them constructed this road. This shows how serious and caring the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government is, the Malawi leader explained.

He urged people of Ntcheu to continue supporting DPP if development activities are to continue in the district.

I have already outlined some of the development activities that I have lined up to take place in the country as well as in Ntcheu. But for these developments to continue, I urge you to continue supporting the DPP, the President added.

Traditional Authority (TA) Mpando of the area commended government for fulfilling its promise to have the road constructed.

We used to face so many challenges with this road ranging from poor transportation system of passengers to transportation of farm produce to markets.

The road was in poor condition making it impassable during rainy season. As you know that we rely on agriculture, it was so difficult for us to transport our farm produce to the markets. This is very commendable that the road is being constructed now, the Chief explained.

Last month, stakeholders from Ntcheu District Council and Tsangano District in Mozambique met to discuss how they can cooperate on the construction of the road because the road lies along the border of the two districts.

The upgrading of the long awaited Tsangano Neno – Mwanza 135 km road in Ntcheu from an earth road to bitumen commenced on April 3, 2018 and is expected to be completed in April 2019.

The upgrading is being done by the Engineers Department of the Malawi Defence Forces (MDF) and so far over 10 kilometres of the road from Tsangano Turn Off has been covered with earth works.

The first phase of the road will cover 21 kilometers from Tsangano Turn Off to Kambilonjo Trading Centre and is being financed by government to a tune of K9.6 billion through Roads Authority (RA).

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA