Government to curb huge influx of irregular Immigrants

Lilongwe . Government has said it will come up with a serious and comprehensive response in a quest to curb huge influx of illegal immigrants as it is compromising the security in the country.

Minister of Homeland Security, Nicholas Dausi made the remarks on Tuesday in Parliament saying that the country is facing challenges of influx of people from other countries.

Our country is indeed facing an influx of people from other countries who mostly are irregular immigrants. Statistics show that the majority of such irregular migrants are mainly from countries like Ethiopia and Somalia, Nigeria. However some Chinese and Indians have overstayed because their work permits are overdue.

Most of the immigrants use uncharted route and claim that they are seeking asylum in the county which is compromising the security risks in our country as government, we would like to make sure that there is a thorough vetting as to who is doing what, where and why, he said.

Dausi said this in response to the Member of Parliament from Rumphi East, Kamlepo Kalua who asked the Minister to explain to the house and the country as to why the nation has a huge influx of people from other countries mainly Chinese and Indians, and to explain the measures put in place in order to this influx as it is compromising the country’s security.

The Minister said there are a number of strict measures the government has put in place to address the issue.

He said government has intensified swiping operations and patrols and has introduced a comprehensive public awareness programs for dealing with illegal immigrants in the country.

Dausi urged honorable members of parliament to sensitize their communities to stop supporting illegal immigrants in the country.

Let us sensitize our constituencies that should they see people who are not Malawians using uncharted routes, they must report to police or immigration department, they should not aid or abet entrance of illegal I immigrants, he pointed out.

The Minister added that the government is increasing the number of Immigration and Police officers to deal with the challenge and has embarked on computerization of border exit points to track and target busy borders.

In October, 2018, we recruited 246 new Immigration Officers deployed across the country. We are training our officers how best they can identify those that are coming as illegal irregular immigrants.

In the office we are computerizing and automating the assurance of permits and issuance of passports to be able to analyze who is doing what and for what particular reason, he highlighted.

Dausi said that his Ministry would work hand in hand with Ministries of Lands, Housing and Urban Development and Trade to deal with issues of land given to foreign nations and their business operations in the country.

The Ministry will coordinate with the two ministries in order to sensitize our officers that before they give permit for trade or whatever or investment or even the acquisition of land to immigrants, they must consider Malawians first because at the end of the day, we don’t want Malawians to be refugees in their own country, he explained.

Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Clement Chiwaya requested the Minister to come up with a comprehensive Ministerial statement to clarify to members as to how there is an increase influx of migrants in the country.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA