Government to register all albinos for their security

Government on Friday disclosed that it ought to start registering all persons with albinism for their safety and security.

Their places of stay, names, and age are among the required information that government will need so that proper safety of their lives is guaranteed.

While responding to a petition that the Association of People with Albinism presented to Parliament on Wednesday, Leader of the House George Chaponda said as government it is saddened by the rampant killing of people with albinism.

“Blantyre Police has already started registering these albinos and the exercise will roll out in all the districts across the country.

“As of now there is no evidence that the bones of people with albinism are used for ritual riches, and government has instituted a task force whose aim is to look into the matter so that perpetrators are brought to book,” said Chaponda.

According to Chaponda 18 people with albinism have so far been killed, 14 abducted, three are missing and 28 burial sites have been tampered.

In the petition, the people asked government to speed up prosecutions of perpetrators and that there should be stiffer punishment unlike the ones given now.

On this part, Chaponda said government has instituted a special prosecutor so that murderers of albinos are charged as soon as possible, but was quick to point out that for the battle of killing and abducting people with albinism to be worn, there is need of solidarity.

On his part, Leader of People’s Party (PP) in the house Uladi Mussa supported the idea of locating the albinos saying the ones living in border districts are the ones at most risk.

Chairperson of Defence and Security in the House Williet Karonga warned government and the nation at large to be serious on the matter.

“We need to learn from Tanzania and there is need for all citizens to assist the men in uniform so that the people with albinism are protected.

Currently Malawi is faced with killing and abduction of people with albinism with a recent incident that happened in Ntcheu District.

Source: Malawi News Agency