Government urges parastatals to be innovative

Mulanje, Government has urged parastatals in the country to be innovative in order for them to contribute positively towards the country’s social economic development and survive the competitive world.

Minister of Information and Communication Technology Nicholas Dausi said this when he visited Mulanje Post Office Friday afternoon.

Dausi said government is losing a lot of money because people managing parastatals like the Malawi Postal Corporation (MPC) become so comfortable in their work not mindful of how much business is being lost hence asked MPC to find ways to revamp its business and be the best as it used to be.

“Post offices used to provide important services in the country which have over the years declined and it is our wish as government to see it back to where it was. The problems that are there are manmade and for which solutions can easily be found to reclaim the vibrant MPC,” said Dausi.

The minister further asked the postmaster for Mulanje Post Office to have deliberate activities to engage customers in the district and let them know of the services being offered by MPC and also improve customer care services.

In his response, Post Master for Mulanje MPC Branch Chagunyuka Msiska promised to work hand in hand with other sectors in the district to make sure the issues mentioned by the minister are addressed.

MPC offers courier, fast cash and internet services among other things.

After touring Mulanje MPC, Dausi visited Mzati Community Radio where he appreciated the role community radios are playing in the country by bridging the communication gap that used to be there since they broadcast in local languages.

Dausi said community radio stations have the ability to bond with their communities and sensitize them about developmental initiatives that are being propelled by government for their betterment.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA