Government warns DAHSP beneficiaries selling materials

Nsanje, The Malawi government has warned beneficiaries of the Decent and Affordable Housing Subsidy Program against selling their materials saying they should be aware that the loan element of their share still stands and will have to be respected.

Ministry of Lands and Housing Spokesperson, Charles Vintulla in an interview Monday said those beneficiaries who are selling DAHSP materials for whatever reasons will have to pay their loan without fail.

The warning comes after it has been established that some of the beneficiaries who got the program’s materials have sold them.

For instance, a snap survey conducted by the Malawi News Agency in Nsanje district has shows that some of the beneficiaries have sold the materials owing to delays by the government to provide them with builders to start construction works apart from food insecurity.

“We have been waiting for so long to have our houses constructed but the materials have been coming bit by bit. This has affected us.

“Not only that, because of the delay, most of us sold the materials to cushion food insecurity currently prevailing in our areas,” said one of the beneficiaries who did not want to be named.

However, Vintulla said beneficiaries selling their materials are doing so at their own risk and that that will not affect the program regarding other beneficiaries while revealing that the materials were supplied mid last year.

“In terms of contractors, the arrangement was that the beneficiaries, with the help of district council, identify their own builders or artisans. The ministry will only have to pay for the artisanship or the work done.

“This is an arrangement since the beneficiaries know the works required on their house and in some cases most of them have their own preferences in terms of labour force,” said Vintulla adding that some payments were made to several councils including Nsanje.

He however, assured the councils and beneficiaries that if there are any outstanding balances, payments will be made very soon.

The DAHSP phase one delayed in Nsanje due to the 2015 water flooding when the program was rolling out in most of the districts.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA