Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Maputo on Thursday for an official working visit, the first time in 34 years that an Indian Prime Minister has visited the country.

In conjunction with the visit, India and Mozambique signed three memorandums of understanding (MoUs) covering youth and sports, the fight against drug trafficking, and the production and commercialisation of pigeon pea.

The three MoUs were signed by Mozambique’s Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Maria Isaltina Lucas, and India’s Secretary for Economic Relations, Amar Sinha.

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi told the media that the Prime Minister’s visit was significant because of the importance of the partnership between the two countries based on the fraternal relations and economic links between them.

President Nyusi highlighted the development programmes supported by India, particularly in agriculture, along with investments in various economic areas including infrastructure and mining. He pointed out that 25 per cent of India’s investment in Africa is channelled to Mozambique.

Speaking at a banquet in his honour, Modi stressed the historic links between the two countries. He pointed out that thousands of people with Indian origins call Mozambique their home, and that the Siddi community in India trace their ancestry to Mozambique.

He also highlighted the links running back to the struggle against colonialism, with independent India being “one of the leading advocates of Mozambican freedom from colonial rule”.

The Prime Minister recognized that both countries face similar challenges and stated “our development and economic partnership, therefore, has been an essential part of our relationship”.

Modi said: “India remains ready and committed to share its experiences, technology, capacity and concessional credit with Mozambique, in line with your priorities.”

Source: Nam News Network