‘Institute committees to follow up beneficiaries of Malata, Cement subsidies’

Chiefs in Chikwawa have been advised to set up committees that will oversee beneficiaries of the government’s Malata and Cement subsidies for the programme’s intended purposes to be reached.

Speaking during National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust interface meetings Monday in areas of Mbande under Traditional Authority Maseya, Mkumaniza in area of Senior Chief Ngabu, Senior Group Village Headman Changoima under Traditional Authority Chapananga and in Group Village Headman Chavala under Traditional Authority Kasisi, one of the Chikwawa district council officials, Basiano Namuthuwa repeatedly told communities to ensure that no one among them sells the materials received from the program.

There are reports that some people in the programme have sold the materials received from the Malata and Cement subsidy programme a development he described as lack of appreciation to government’s efforts of ensuring that people have affordable and decent houses.

He said,Accept no evil by not selling off the malata and cement subsidies that government is giving us. We must all understand that government and all other stakeholders involved in the process are doing all this in order to develop our lives and that of our children and in the end the whole Malawi.

“If one is found selling these, provide counseling so that the tendency is stopped. You were registered to be in the program based on the status and I urge you not to play with the opportunity.

Namuthuwa told chiefs to come up with committees that will look at the subsidy process from the registration point of view up to the end where communities should be followed wherever they are implementing their projects.

This should not be left in the hands of chiefs alone, but also all other committees such as Village Development Committees (VDCs) as well as the Area Development Committees (ADCs). You have a responsibility to make a follow-up on whosoever is in the program in order to see progress.

“I feel if there is anyone doing that or you harbour such thoughts then give chance to others who would make the best use of the opportunity. There is someone out there who would make the best use of the opportunity in line with the programs guidelines, he said.

Namuthuwa highlighted issues on the Local Development Fund (LDF), Community Development Fund (CDF) as well as District Development Fund (DDF) among others.

He said programs such as the LDF have been marred with irregularities adding the tendency was delaying development.

The more the ghost workers in such programs, the more defeated are their objectives. So, as committees you have the responsibility to follow up on these issues so that development is enhanced. Lets all come together and work as one for the development of our country,Namuthuwa indicated.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA