Intensified livestock production could reduce unemployment crisis

The unemployment crisis in the country’s cities and towns could be reduced if livestock production in rural areas was intensified with modern technologies a development that could eradicate poverty at household level subsequently reducing urban inflows of job seekers.

This was revealed when Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and Public Infrastructure, Kondwani Nankhumwa toured some projects under the Rural Livelihoods and Economic Enhancement Programme (RLEEP) in Senior Traditional Authority (STA) Somba’s area in Blantyre on Tuesday.

“I am impressed with what I have seen here. This is rural development at its best,” said Nakhumwa in an interview at Mpemba Bulk Group after touring dairy cattle farmers in the area.

Nakhumwa observed that farmers in the area are able to pay school fees for their children and construct good houses through the income realised from milk sales after receiving expertise from RLEEP a development he said could eradicate poverty among Malawians thereby scaling down the number of job seekers in towns.

Commodity specialist (dairy) at RLEEP, Brown Phulusa noted that farmers get larger quantity of milk from their cattle as compared to the situation before the trainings from his organisation.

“Farmers now can get double or more quantities of milk than they used to collect from the same cattle before we came in with our expertise that has spurred milk production,” explained Phulusa.

A cattle farmer in the area, Margret Nguluwe commended government through RLEEP saying milk production of her cattle has rapidly increased hence realizing more money since the organisation taught her modern cattle feed making and care for livestock.

Earlier the minister and government officials toured bridges and roads project implemented by RLEEP to ease mobility challenges cattle farmers used to face when delivering milk to the markets.

Source: Malawi News Agency