Ishmael Thindwa still a Nomad – Manager

BLANTYRE: Ishmael Thindwa’s Manager, Roy Abramo Mdechi has dismissed claims that Thindwa is among the players that Mighty Be Forward Wanderers wants to rule out or send on loan in the Telekom Network Malawi (TNM) Super League this season.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the name of Thindwa is among the players that the technical panel has recommended to the executive committee that he be ruled out or sent on loan to meet the set target of 30 players this season.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Wednesday, Mdechi said him as a Manager for Thindwa was not aware that his client was leaving the team.

If they want to terminate the contract, they have first to write to us and there are also conditions. After all that, they should give us our part. If a month goes without Wanderers paying his salary, we will discuss that with Wanderers and not FAM.

He still goes to training but as of now he is sick. Last week he was going for training, Mdechi said.

This rumour follows Mighty Be Forward Wanderers, who are the champions of the 2017/2018 TNM Super League’s, declaration that they want to have a maximum of 30 players.

This follows a letter that the team wrote to Football Association of Malawi FAM claiming for compensation of over K3 million the team gave to Thindwa since he was injured in April last year up until now.

Be Forward Wanderers said the player was injured during National Team’s game and it is the responsibility of FAM and not Wanderers to care for the player.

Ishmael has a running contract, they wrote the letter to FAM and not us. His contract will expire on April 4, 2019. That does not concern us, said The Manager.

Thindwa made headlines in the 2014/2015 TNM Super League soccer season when he was playing for the then relegated and merged EPAC FC.

In 2016, he was bought by the Zimbabwean side, Capes United but he came back to Malawi because he did not have game time. The same year, Thindwa started playing for Wanderers.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA