Kalolo Youth Corner to plant 5,000 trees

Lilongwe, : A local nongovernmental organization called Kalolo Youth Corner (KYC) will plant 5000 trees in the area of Senior Chief Kalolo in Lilongwe districts with the aim of conserving the environment.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Thursday, Director for Kalolo Youth Corner, Chikondi Chakhumbira said over the years they have observed that the environment in the area of senior Chief Kalolo was getting bare and this was a cause for concern.

He said the initiative is called mtengo wanga citing that the name is about ownership every member of the society has been given the role of taking care of the trees whenever possible.

Chakhumbira said they were targeting 75 hectares of land which they intend to plant the trees, and they were hopeful that they will meet the targeted land.

The youths should be on the forefront to conserve the environment because they are energetic and the future is in their hands, he pointed out.

Kalolo Youth Corner encourages environmental conservation and to take an active part in tree planting.

Senior Chief Kalolo said bad practices like charcoal production was one of the leading factors for plundering of trees in his area.

He said the time has come for the youth to take action and responsibility of the environment and the initiative taken by Kalolo Youth Corner was in line with his agenda for the area.

5000 trees is a good number and this will improve the vegetation of the area, and the good part is that they are have taken it upon themselves to nurture the trees until the time they will see fit that the trees can survive without close supervision, Kalolo said.

Apart from planting trees senior chief Kalolo said his area is working closely with stakeholders to curb malpractices of cutting trees for firewood, and charcoal production.

Source: MANA Online