Karonga to host African Road Safety Day

Karonga: Karonga District will this year hold African Road Safety Day which aims to sensitize the public about prevention of road accidents.

In an interview on Wednesday in Karonga , Principal Road Transport Officer from Road Traffic and Safety Services, Joseph Chisamba said Karonga has been chosen because road accidents have been on the rise in the district.

Being a corridor, there are major transportation services; as such, there are major accidents taking place, he said.

he Officer mentioned a parade by Malawi Police Band as one of the activities to take place on the day.

We call on all stakeholders to come and participate during the event. We shall have over 200 dignitaries from different departments across the country and Ministry of Transport, Chisamba added.

Deputy Commissioner of Police and Officer-in-Charge (OC) for Karonga, Brenant Chitanda applauded the decision saying Karonga registers high cases of road accidents.

He said from January to October, the district registered 48 road accidents, while last year it had registered 43 between the same period.

This represents 11 percent increase. We have ensured that our road traffic officers are in the accident hotspots, besides sensitization that we are carrying out, the OC added.

Chairperson for Karonga District Council, Harry Mwanyembe said the council has put some measures to quarantine all livestock found loitering in town as one way of reducing accidents in the congested Karonga Town.

This year’s African Road Safety Day commemorations fall on November 24.

Last year’s similar event took place in Salima District.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA