‘Kasungu Municipality’s nine wards costly’

Kasungu Municipal Council’s nine wards have been said to be too many and a strain on resources.

Speaking during the Malawi Electoral Commission Consultations on ward demarcation at Kasungu Municipal Council, the council’s Public Relations Officer, Martin Kadyakapita suggested that the council should have only five wards because the municipal is small.

“We were supposed to have five wards, but we don’t know what happened. We incur a lot of costs and we need to have small number of wards so that we can help them well in their development works,” he said.

MEC’s Commissioner Elvey Kalonga Mtafu said the commission is noting the views from the consultations and will work on them.

“The issues will be discussed and by then it will be decided whether to reduce the number of wards to four or to let the municipal still have nine wards,” she said.

Kasungu Municipal Council will be waiting for the outcome in 2020 when the demarcations will be done.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA