KU female Councilors encourage women to contest in 2019

Kasungu, Female Councilors in Kasungu Municipality have encouraged fellow women contest and win in 2019 elections.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana), Hlupekire Chavundikira who is Councilor for Belele Ward, said she is encouraged by what she has become and achieved and would like to see more women become councilors in 2019.

As incumbent Councilors, we want to maintain our seats, but still more we want to support more women to gain courage and contest against men during the 2019 elections in Kasungu district, said Chavundikira who is also Deputy Mayor adding that most women are development conscious.

In her remarks, Annie Kafoteka who is Councilor for Kapalankhwanzi Ward said women need to be empowered and supported if more are to gain confidence to contest.

Most women lack confidence and courage to contest for political seats. There is need to support them and myself as one of the women, will support and empower those who are interested to become Councilors so that there are many female councilors, said Kafoteka.

Meanwhile, Gender, Governance, Justice and Development Centre (GGJDC) have said it wants to empower women in Kasungu, Mchinji and Nkhotakota to take up leadership positions in political parties from the grassroots to national level.

GGJDC District Coordinator, Hastings Kalima said women are usually sidelined even if they can show interest to contest against men.

Most parties only give support to men and women are not considered to run for leadership positions. We consider women as a backbone in every aspect of development, from household to national level. GGJDC therefore will give material and financial support to women so that they contest in 2019, said Kalima.

GGJDC with Support from Hivos is implementing a project called Women Empowerment for Leadership which seeks to increase women political participation, women in public administration and positive media coverage of women among other things.

Awareness campaigns are currently being carried out to woo more women to take up leadership positions in Kasungu district.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA