KU youths take council to task

A group of youth in Kasungu through an Organisation called Development Resource and Action Mentorship (DREAM) together with the Kasungu Youth Network Friday summoned service providers in the district to an interface meeting to air out their concerns.

Among others, the youth accused the district council of sidelining them in various development processes being implemented by the council.

DREAM Executive Director Braxton Mazon Banda said most times the youth are regarded as passive recipients of services from the adults as a result they have not been actively and meaningfully involved in decision making and other interventions.

“The youth do not visibly contribute to national development and there is evidence that the youth are not often included in most decision making structures.

“For instance, decentralization process provides a district focus approach where participation in Area Development Committees and District Executive Committees is key.

However the youth are not represented,” said Banda.

He said it is with issues like these that DREAM in partnership with young people from other youth organisations wanted to learn from Kasungu District Council as to what plans it has for them.

“We want to know what plans are in place for youth economic empowerment as this is a crucial element in youth development and also in the National Youth Policy,” he added.

The Director of Planning and Development Ernest Kaphuka urged the youth to be proactive and be organised.

“We have heard all the issues that are affecting the youth in Kasungu but I urge you to be organised and come up with a strong youth network that represents all the youth from the 30 traditional authorities.

“Sit down and contribute your views to the development of the projects and programmes in the District Development Plan which the council is currently reviewing,” Kaphuka said adding that the Council is always open to accommodate the youth if they wish to be engaged.

DREAM is currently implementing a Youth Empowerment for Participation in Local government Structures Project with support from Malawi Human Rights Youth Network (MHRYN).

SOURCE: Malawi News Agency