Land ownership wrangles delays Nancholi Health Centre Project

An almost complete Government Health Centre Project has stalled in Nancholi Township following wrangles between the Ministry of Health and a land owner.

According to investigations by Malawi News Agency (MANA), Marko Elemani, a Nancholi resident still claims that the land on which Former President Dr.Joyce Banda laid a foundation stone for the construction of the hospital belongs to him.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Thursday, Blantyre District Health Officer (DHO), Medson Matchaya, acknowledged the conflict saying he visited the site with a crew from the Ministry of Health to meet Elemani to appreciate his claims.

He said that during the meeting with Elemani, his office and the Ministry of Health established that the land owner needed compensation in form of money for his land.

The DHO said that the issue is currently being discussed and is in the hands of the Ministry which is trying to figure out the next step.

“The project was still going on despite the fact that Elemani was claiming that the land is his and that he needed compensation for it. Right now the project has been put on hold so that the issue is settled,” Matchaya said.

The DHO expressed his concern over the unfinished project saying if the hospital is finalised, it will help Nancholi Residents who currently travel long distances to Zingwangwa Clinic and Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) to access medical attention.

A Nancholi resident,Mary Chisengwa expressed her concern over the unfinished project saying travelling to Zingwangwa and QECH costs her a lot of money.

“As you may be aware, it costs MK500 for one to travel from this place to Zingwangwa or QECH and considering the poverty we are in, money is a problem to us and finding MK500 is not easy,” she lamented.

The concerned woman called on government to seriously consider finishing building the health centre since government has already done most of the work and what remains is just a small portion.

According to the DHO, the construction of Nancholi Health Centre started on July 26, 2013.

Source: Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA