Late Bishop Chalamba described as visionary

Blantyre, Late Bishop Selemani Mussa Chalamba has been described as a visionary leader who stood for the growth of his New Pentecostal Church and that of the nation.

Speaking during the funeral ceremony of Bishop Chalamba in Chirimba Township, Blantyre, New Pentecostal Church Blantyre Overseer, Pastor Salimu Makalamu said Bishop Chalamba initiated a number of programmes in the church.

The Bishop lying in state before us, apart from being founder of New Pentecostal Church, also established the ‘Let A Miracle Begin (LAMB)’ Ministries which has contributed to the improvement of people’s livelihoods, Makalamu said.

He said LAMB has been empowering women to engage in various socio-economic activities and also supporting children to pursue their education by providing different learning materials.

Makalamu said Bishop Chalamba founded the New Pentecostal Church in 1994 and was responsible for 14 branches spread across Malawi and Mozambique.

He said the fallen Chalamba would fondly be remembered for his love, passion and spirit of unity, which he said the bishop always promoted.

The church will always remember Bishop Chalamba as a man who was loving, caring and stood for unity among all people regardless of their age, tribe or status in society, Makalamu said in his eulogy.

In his remarks, Chirimba Pastors Fraternal Chairperson, Reverend Howard Mbewe said the religious leaders were shocked with the death of Bishop Chalamba who was always there to provide guidance to the fraternity.

Mbewe said the religious grouping always turned to Bishop Chalamba for guidance and direction whenever faced with a challenging situation because he (Chalamba) was thoughtful and considerate.

Because the bishop was more senior than most of us members, we crowned him as our source of information and we always sought guidance in times of need. Happily, he availed himself, he added.

Speaking earlier, a member of the deceased family, Kuseli Mussa Bakali said the departed prelate was a source of wisdom, noting that even the local leadership in the area turned to him for counsel on a wide range of topics.

We always approached Bishop Chalamba for guidance whenever faced with any challenge and counseling, yes he did, he said.

Chalamba, who has served in the capacity of Bishop for 25 years, is survived by a wife, two children and eleven grand children. He was 73

Source: MANA Online