Late Ganda’s wife wins Nsanje Lalanje Constituency DPP primaries

Nsanje, Nsanje Lalanje Constituency Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) followers have mandated Gladys Ganda to be party torch bearer for the forth coming parliamentary by-elections.

Gladys, wife to late Sam Ganda who was the area’s Member of Parliament (MP) emerged victorious on Sunday at Bangula Admarc where the party held its primary elections.

The mood of the delegates from the DPP’s 230 area committees could tell in the initial stages that the Ganda would be victorious by the end of the day.

The elections which were overseen by DPP Southern Region Vice President Dr. George Chaponda and Primary Elections Chairman, Nicholas Dausi, attracted three candidates namely Carlos Njazi, Ganda and Winnie Wakudyanaye.

To set the mood before the elections, he urged the two competitors to respect the results of the elections and work towards making sure a DPP candidate emerges winner in the October contest.

As a chairperson for the party’s primary elections, he had to remind the gathering procedures which are supposed to be followed for one to contest in any DPP primaries.

Every party like DPP has procedures which need to be followed for one to contest in any primary elections. As DPP one has to go through the Area, Constituency, District then Region when processing her interest to contest. Therefore, today’s primaries will be contested by Carlos Njazi and Gladys Ganda, Dausi announced, leaving out Winnie Wakudyanaye.

Several sources within the party confided that Wakudyanaye only showed up at the area and constituency level, leaving out the region hence not eligible to contest.

After about 5,000 delegates were made to seat in the Bangula Admarc hall, the DPP chairperson on Primary elections, Dausi asked them to make a line following where their candidate was.

Surprisingly, almost all the delegates rallied behind Ganda, a situation which forced competitor Njazi to protest against the voting procedure arguing that there was a plot for his downfall.

DPP spokesperson, Francis Kasaila said Ganda remain victorious as the party’s followers in the constituency has entrusted her to represent them in the fourth coming by elections.

No one could dispute the fact that Mrs. Ganda has won the primaries. Looking at the support she got from the delegates, it shows that she has done more ground work. And as a party, we are behind her candidature as we want to claim the seat, come October 17, he said after the primaries.

Ganda will face competitors from other parties including Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which did its primary elections a few weeks ago.

Nsanje Lalanje Constituency fell vacant following the death of its Member of Parliament, late Sam Ganda in May this year.

The by-elections will take place on October 17,2017.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA