LISAP hails Karonga community for embracing nutrition interventions

Karonga, Livingstonia Synod Aids Programme (LISAP) in Karonga has hailed community active participation in embracing nutrition interventions in their localities as one way to lessen stunting.

Stunting among the under-five children remains a challenge with about 28.4 per cent in the district against the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended rate of 20 per cent.

LISAP is implementing a project to enhance farmers’ capacity to scale up nutrition in Malawi with an aim to reduce stunting.

During nutrition open day meeting on Tuesday at Galileya Village in Senior Chief Wasambo, Nutrition Field facilitator at LISAP, Faith Kayira said through a number of trainings for nutrition promoters, communities have actively adopted nutrition interventions in their localities.

We thought to organize cooking demonstrations today to showcase the activities we are implementing under the project, through scaling up nutrition and sanitation issues targeting under-fives children, women with HIV/AIDS as well as pregnant and lactating mothers.

Through this demonstration we want people to learn and appreciate that the locally available food found here can be prepared into a six food groups meal for their under-five children because most people feel when we talk of six food groups we mean food from shops, she said.

Kayira added that through various trainings, women are able to prepare well balanced diet meals for children in their households.

District Nutrition Coordinating Committee, Pech Chawinga said a number of players such as Feed the Children, LISAP, AFIKEPO and World Relief are on the ground implementing similar nutrition programmes to ensure issues of malnutrition are put to rest.

Senior Chief Wasambo encouraged the communities to embrace the nutrition trainings being offered saying a number of children are not doing well in school because they were not given proper diet when young.

European Union funded project is being implemented in Karonga, TA Wasambo and Paramount Chief Kyungu area, as well as Nkhatabay, Mzimba, Rumphi and Chitipa districts.

Source: MANA Online