Logarhythmz 4mulae ready to drop ‘God alone’

Lilongwe, Lilongwe based dancehall reggae music group Logarhythmz 4mulae says it is ready to drop its gospel single track titled God Alone.

The music group which consists of blood brothers Lawkast, real name Vincent Raymond Kasindi, and Abacus, real name Chimwemwe Kasindi, confirmed to Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Thursday about the release of the new track.

In the song, the duo is highlighting how God transforms people’s lives irrespective of their social status, where they are coming from and how life stories of individuals change from zero to hero.

The song also reminds people not to judge other people in various situations saying it is God alone who can judge people because He knows their destinies.

Lawkast said the group was interested to use the God Alone concept in the song and title track because nowadays people are rushing to judge instead of understanding the situation a person is facing.

We wanted to focus on people who are always judgmental on what others are doing forgetting that is God alone knows the next day and everyone’s destiny Lawkast said.

He cited the experience in the first days of their music, many people never gave them a chance of weathering and surviving the music industry.

They said we will not go far with our music but we always referred them to Mathew 24:36 which says God lone knows next day. That is why we hatched this God alone concept, he said.

The group, which ventured into the music scene in 2012, is known for hit singles like malo uliwa, watopa ndikudikila, umadikila ndikuflashe and if I were a girl.

The group is confident that many people will love the new song because its message is addressing cross-cutting issues in people’s everyday lives.

The song, produced by Fred Kasambala aka Kauden of City Lights Entertainment, is set for release this coming Sunday 27th August.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA