Lower shire tribal groupings back resettlement plan

Blantyre, The leadership of Sena and Mang’anja tribes says this year’s cultural celebrations will focus greatly on sensitizing people of Shire Valley’s flood-prone areas to relocate upland to avoid effects of future natural occurrences.

Popularly known as Mgumano wa Asena na Man’ganja, the grouping which comprises people from Chikwawa and Nsanje plan to hold their annual cultural festival on July 27, 20l9.

Speaking to the media in Blantyre on Thursday, Mgumano wa Asena na Mang’anja Steering Committee Secretary, Otherwise Mapute said it was disheartening to note that Malawi continues to lose many lives due to floods.

He said time had come for the grouping to take advantage of the cultural celebration event scheduled to take place at Bangula in Nsanje to sensitise people of Shire Valley’s flood- prone area on the need to relocate to safer places.

As a cultural grouping, we are always concerned with how our brothers and sisters continue to be affected by floods year in year out.

As such, apart from showcasing our cultural values and customs, we have devised an approach to reason with them on the need for resettlement, he said.

On his part, Mgumano wa Asena na Man’ganja Chairperson, Madan Fatch said the cultural celebration stands to celebrate and reflect the way the two tribes have lived harmoniously for many decades.

As such, it will be an exciting event because the two tribes will also showcase their cultural values and customs such as dressing, food and dances.

For example, The Sena will perform their traditional dance called ‘Utse Nkhetekete’ while the Mang’anja will perform ‘gule wankulu and Chitsukulumwe among others, he said.

Fatch then appealed for financial and material support from well wishers towards the success of this year’s M’gumano wa Asena na Mang’anja cultural festivity.

Our budget is pegged at Kl2 million and we appeal for support from various stakeholders to support us in order to make the event colourful, he appealed.

Meanwhile, the two tribal groupings have organized prayers on July 26, 2019 to pray for the souls lost due flood disasters. The prayers will take place in Nsanje and Chikwawa concurrently.

Source: MANA Online