LWB committed to fighting corruption

Lilongwe, Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) is committed to fighting against corruption in its operations in a bid to maintain its positive reputation and ethical standards.

LWB Director of Corporate Services, Moses Mwenye told Malawi News Agency (Mana) in Lilongwe Friday that his organization values on maintaining its reputation and ethical conducts when doing operations, therefore the board is dedicated to fight issues of corruption in order to sustain its core values.

As an organization we believe in upholding our good image and moral principles to the public eyes since we deal with various stakeholders including customers who sometimes make us to be prone to corruption.

For this reason, we are in a drive to make sure that our employees are not involved in any corrupt practices when they are doing their work such as; water connection, procurement and recruitment processes, he said.

Mwenye added that LWB is eyeing on promoting the spirit of reliability and transparency among its workers so that they should observe statutory requirements and internal policies when discharging their services to the clients.

Recently, LWB re-launched its corruption prevention policy which among other things is promoting the spirit of integrity, transparency and accountability amongst water board employees and customers, in a quest to prevent issues of corruption.

Mwenye said that corruption prevention policy is also specifically outlining their commitment to creating an ant-fraud culture and maintain high ethical standards in the administration of public resources.

He said that the policy would help to guide their workers to refrain from corruption when they are dealing with clients; hence he said this would also help to eradicate issues of corruption at his organization.

The Policy is the tool which will help our members of staff to be more committed to the fight against fraud and corruption; after all we will get to a point where corruption and fraud will no longer exist at Lilongwe Water Board, the Director said.

According to him, prevention and detection of fraud and corruption is essential for ensuring that LWB’s resources are used for their intended purposes specifically in providing services to the citizens of the country in general and Lilongwe City in particular.

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Spokesperson, Egrita Ndala commended LWB for its initiative saying that the development of the Anti-corruption prevention policy demonstrates the board’s commitment in fighting corruption which in-turn would improve service delivery and positive corporate reputation

Source: MANA Online