Machinga Police reduce crime by 13 per cent

Machinga: The crime rate in Machinga has gone down by 13 per cent, police in the district have revealed, saying the development is a relief to people of the district.

According to a biannual report released by the Research and Planning Officer for Machinga Police, Sub Inspector Damiano Paluma, between January and June this year (2018), the district has registered 662 criminal cases as compared to 767 criminal cases registered during the same period last year (2017) representing a 13 per cent decrease.

“The report also shows that sexual offences have decreased by three per cent after registering 51 cases this year as compared to 53 registered last year,” she said.

She attributed the crime reduction to massive awareness campaign by the police through Community Policing Branch and the good relationship between the police and the general public.

On road accidents, she said the district has suffered a blow after registering 33 road accidents this year as compared to 27 road accidents same period last year which represents a 21 per cent increase.

Out of the 33 road accidents registered this year, 15 were fatal road accidents and 17 people lost their lives while during the same period last year, 14 fatal road accidents were registered and 14 people lost their lives, she said.

According to Paluma, most of these accidents involved pedestrians and pedal cyclists and that they occurred due to noncompliance of road traffic regulations by all road users.

Meanwhile, police in the district are assuring the general public that the decrease in crime will not make them relax but put an extra gear in tightening security to achieve their vision of creating a safe and secure Malawi.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA