Magga tells community to grow Artemisia plant to combat malaria

Dedza: Despite being known for fighting for girls education and gender based violence, Malawi Girls Guide Association (MAGGA) has embarked on a project that is civic educating communities to start growing Artemisia plant as mosquito repellent to prevent Malaria.

Speaking during the launch of the program in Salima, Chief Commissioner for MAGGA Mary Ngwale said the project has come about after receiving a lot of cases of malaria from girls in the communities.

As an organisation that looks at the welfare of girls we thought of helping the other side of their life by providing prevention initiatives for malaria, said Ngwale.

She further called upon the community to take care of the plant which was planted for demonstration and to share it with the other villages.

In his remarks Group Village Headman Chikanda, said his village has high cases of malaria and hailed MAGGA for the plant which he said will help reduce malaria in the district.

I want to thank the organisation for the seeds. People who have not been able to participate in village projects due to malaria will now be able to do so, said Chikanda

Health Surveillance Assistant, Cornex Khonje said the area has a high number of malaria cases noting that MAGGA had come at the right time to complement government’s efforts of reducing malaria in the country.

Artemisia plant which was planted in Salima was imported from Kenya by one of the Girl Guide members after looking at the high cases of malaria in the country.

Malaria is one of the diseases that kills many under five and pregnant women in Southern Africa despite various interventions and efforts.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA