Malawi asked to embrace e-learning

Lilongwe: IT Operations and Governance Lead, Airtel Africa, Dr. Matthews Mtumbuka has tipped Malawi to embrace e-learning to fast resolve the issue of having limited capacity to hold more students in tertiary education institutions in the country.

Dr Mtumbuka said e-Learning would help rescue the rising gap of accessing good quality education by the selected few, hence the need for Malawi to come out with awareness programs through National council for Higher Education (NCHE).

Speaking during a UNICAF University open lecture, Dr. Mtumbuka asked Malawi to wake up and go with change to improve on transition rate in accessing quality education through online studies.

The development of e-learning in Malawi will help bring in quality, affordable and access to education, provided they have advice connected online, I believe this will help rescue the gap of having limited capacities in our institutions, said Mtumbuka.

Mtumbuka lamented the perception that some people have in adopting change saying the government needs to repeatedly sensitize people on e-learning saying it has good quality education the same as normal education that we know.

If authorities say the same thing all the time it could make its mainstream for e-learning and be able to arrest the problem. We need to have coordinated efforts towards dealing with that perception, he said.

According to Mtumbuka, Government needs to improve e-learning through allocation of proportion of open Distance and e-learning and the good thing in some schools they are already doing that like Mzuzu university as well as LUARNAR. The only remaining are the mother bodies hence urging them to implement it faster.

UNICAF PRO Vice Chancellor for Academics, Martha Mondiwa said UNICAF is committed to setting the agenda on flexible learning in higher education in Africa, investing in learning developments and working with government to drive the evolution of the online learning environment.

Our aim is to offer quality and affordable higher education and contribute to increased access especially to those that may want the e-Learning programs, Mondiwa said.

It is therefore against this background that Unicaf engaged stakeholders and partners to appreciate what they are doing.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA