Malawi: Bed Bugs Hit Bwaila Hospital

Bed bugs have hit Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe forcing guardians to sleep on a car park, just days after medical assistants protested against dilapidated hospital rooms.

The chairperson of the guardians at the hospital expressed worry over their security as they sleep outside the guardian shelter.

“We have no choice but sleep at the car park. The bed bugs are really causing inconveniences,” said the chairperson.

She said this was the situation although the hospital collects K50 from each patient every day yet the hospital is failing to by chemicals to kill the bed bucks.

The medical assistants, on the other hand, are now operating from outside the hospital where tents have been pinched after protesting over the state of the Bwaila Hospital building.

Most of the building is dilapidated and can fall an time posing danger to both the staff and patients.

The pharmacy, consulting room and VCT are now operating outside the hospital building.

Some critics are blaming district health officer Mwai Mwale for maladministration.

Last week he made a wedding engagement with the hospital’s medical officer Anne Chauma.

SOURCE: Nyasa Times