Malawi celebrates Queen’s 91st Birthday

Lilongwe, Malawian citizens on Thursday joined Great Britain in celebrating the 91st birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second.

Speaking during the merriment which took place at the British High Commissioner’s residence in Lilongwe, Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Bright Msaka reflected with profound appreciation the numerous positive, valuable and selfless assistance which her Majesty had made not only to British citizens.

He said; The Queen, through her various charity organisations, has personally made tremendous contributions across the globe towards the welfare of human-kind and Malawi is a prime beneficiary of her majesty’s generosity.

Her majesty’s birthday today provides us with the opportunity to reflect on the relations between Malawi and Britain which date back to time immemorial, he said.

The Minister further said the Government of Malawi is grateful to the Majesty’s Government for their commitment and partnership with Malawi.

According to Msaka, there is an increasing flow of foreign direct investments from British companies to Malawi and currently Britain had been well-known in its support in health, education and agriculture.

I take this opportunity to invite the British investors to participate in the 3rd edition of the Malawi Investment Forum (MIF) scheduled for 7th to 8th November this year, Malawi is seeking investments in the country’s promising sectors such as energy, infrastructure, tourism, agriculture and value addition, added Msaka.

In her remarks, the High Commissioner of the United Kingdom to Malawi, Holly Tett said she is proud of what the UK aid to Malawi has achieved so far.

UK through DFID continues to run an Pound 80million a year programme of UKAid in Malawi on development. In 2016/17 the total was Pound 87million and in fact the UK’s total annual UK Aid investments in Malawi including sizeable programmes run by DFID in London, all our significant development programme amount up to Pound 150million, Tett said.

She added that people and organisations across the UK care deeply about Malawi and its people’s well-being.

The UK Aid to Malawi strives to continue to learn, to improve, to address concerns and to ensure the best possible value for money for the UK’s taxpayer and for all the beneficiaries of UK Aid across Malawi.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA