Malawi: PAC, Malawi Govt Ready for Talks

Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and the government are set to meet next week just days after President Peter Mutharika unveiled his five man strong negotiation team led by Justice minister Samuel Tembenu.

Officials from the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) said the quasi religious body is ready for a second set of talks after the first one ended in deadlock at Kamuzu Palace.

Father Peter Mulomole, spokesperson of PAC said the talks are set next week and will evolve around economic, social and political issues.

President Mutharika appointed the five man strong negotiation team that includes Tembenu, Health minister Peter Kumpalume and advisors to the president Collins Magalasi, Mabvuto Bamusi and Hetherwick Ntaba.

Mulomole said PAC is working on the final agenda but will likely be a spill- over from the previous meet at Kamuzu Palace a few weeks ago.

At an all inclusive PAC indaba in Blantyre a few months ago, Malawi Congress Party and Peoples Party called on the president to step down accusing him of failing to run the country as evidenced by economic malaise and persistent food shortages.

Mutharika refused to step down and said his government is doing all it can to deal with all the problems rocking the nation

Peoples Party spokesperson Ken Msonda told Capital Radio on Thursday that the party was disappointed that the issue was not reflected in the final recommendations.

He said usually recommendations are drafted on the last day of the indaba but was not the case in the last meeting.

Source: Nyasa Times