Malawi: Powerful Lhomwe Chief Irks Chewa Leaders

Powerful Lhomwe chief, Ngongoliwa has stepped on the toes of Chewa traditional leaders following his decision to visit them without going through the Chewa Heritage Foundation.

Some chiefs in central region are said to be extremely bitter that the Lomwe paramount chief has decided to make the visit to meet the chiefs without a clear agenda.

“He has a hidden agenda. Some of us might not even go to meet him,” said one of the traditional leaders in Lilongwe.

The Lhomwe chief is expected to meet the Chewa traditional leaders from May 21, 2016.

In an interview, chief Ngongoliwa said he is meeting the Chewa traditional leaders and other chiefs in his capacity as chairman of New Chiefs Forum, a grouping of all traditional leaders in the country.

He dismissed fears that he has hidden agenda, saying his meetings with the other chiefs have nothing to do with the Chewa Heritage Foundation.

“This is just an exchange visit. We will be promoting such exchange visits in future,” he said, adding, “we just want to be together, we just want to eat together.”

He described the visit as cultural exchange visit.

“There should be no cause for alarm because of my visit,” he said.

The chief is a confessed die hard follower of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and comes from the home of President Peter Mutharika.

Source: Nyasa Times