Malawi to commemorate International Day of Cooperatives

Government through the Ministry of Industry Trade and Tourism with Cooperatives movement in Malawi will on July 2, 2016, join the rest of the world cooperative movements in cerebrating the International Day of Cooperatives (IDC).

Speaking at a Press Conference in Lilongwe, Director Private Sector Development in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism Esther Mwimba said they want to create the awareness that cooperatives is a sure way of ensuring that the people of Malawi especially the rural masses are economically empowered.

Mwimba said this year’s theme is ‘Cooperatives: The power to act on sustainable future’ saying that this is the new agenda for the UN and reflects on its conviction that cooperatives are highly relevant and important in the realization of the current Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

She said they are regarding this day as a day whereby all stakeholders, cooperative partners and all the people of Malawi to come together as a shore away for social and economic and cultural development of the country.

“The IDC was set aside by the United nations General Assembly to serve as a principle occasion for creating world-wide awareness on the importance of cooperatives in addressing some of the critical social-economic challenges being experienced across the globe,” said Mwimba.

She said it is also a day that strengthens and extends partnerships between the international cooperative movement and other supporting organizations including governments.

Mwimba explained that the event will take place at Kamuzu Institute for Sports in Lilongwe and that the activities of the day will include matching by the cooperative members along the roads leading to the institute, displays of cooperative products, performances and speeches.

Business Development Manager for Malawi Federation of Cooperatives Limited, Charles Kayesa said the country’s cooperative development cannot compete with rest of the movements in our region because Malawi is still small in terms of the size, the structure of the movement and turn over.

“But with the coming up of UN declaring the IDC I think it is an eye opener to Malawi because that it only shows that at international level cooperatives are seriously recognized and with this commemoration it is giving us a bail as a country to sink seriously about cooperatives,” said Kayesa.

In Malawi the cooperative movement is represented by Malawi Federation of cooperatives (MAFECO) Limited.

Source: Malawi News Agency