Malawi to hold first ever Hip Hop Awards

Lilongwe, Wize Scholar Entertainment, a newly established entertainment outfit which has committed itself to Hip Hop events management in the country, has announced that the inaugural Hip Hop Awards and festival preparations are in final stages.

The Awards are meant to reward and honor artists in the country’s Hip Hop industry whilst the festival is meant to celebrate Hip Hop cultural elements such as M-Ceeing, Break-dancing, Dee Jaying, Visual Arts and Beat Boxing.

Wize Scholar Entertainment’s founder, Geoff Chirwa also known as Black Mind says, Elsewhere in the world, people celebrate Hip Hop through Awards and festivals. We shouldn’t be the only country out of the picture. We will be hosting Hip Hop events including awards, festivals and conferences in the country.

He continued to say: After seeing a void where much effort is put in other genres, I thought it wise to start something which will focus more on Hip Hop as a culture. I started this idea three years ago but now am going full throttle.

The Wize Scholar manager points out lack of sponsorship in Hip Hop events to bad publicity that the older generation has been exposed to through the mainstream media.

Black Mind explains, Most companies are owned and managed by old people who have a negative attitude towards Hip Hop. They shun us because they don’t understand us. So, since they don’t understand us and can’t help us, we are going to do it ourselves. This genre is more than music. It’s more than what people hear on the radio or watch on TV. It is a culture that promotes peace, love, unity and having fun. But on TV, all you see is sex, drugs, guns and alcohol which are contrary to what the culture advocates.

According to Black Mind, the events are also meant to bring sanity between new and old school artists wrangle which has currently rocked the industry.

With these events, Malawi joins a list of countries such as USA, South Africa and Zambia among others which have annual Hip Hop Awards and festivals to celebrate the culture.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA