Malawi Urban Musicians urge youths to work hard at school

Blantyre, Malawi Urban Music Artists have dispelled assertions that Hip Hop also known as Urban Music is affecting youths negatively urging the youths to work hard at school to be productive citizens.

The remarks come against popular beliefs among most parents who feel that their children start bad behaviors by adopting lifestyles of Urban Music artists as regards to how they; dress, cut their and even talk among other things.

Dispelling the assertions, Malawi’s best 2016 Dancehall Artist Malinga Mafia, whose real name is Chiku Malinga Chitsundi Banda, said the people’s claims are actually the opposite of what Urban Music strives for as it aims at motivating youths into becoming productive citizens.

“I am the best Dancehall artist in Malawi but I just completed my Bachelors Degree in Business Information Technology majoring in computer programming at National College of Information Technology in Lilongwe and I am waiting for graduation,” he said.

Malinga Mafia acknowledged some songs having negative content but encouraged youths in the country to work hard at school and not just adopt anything they see or hear because it is coming from celebrities saying what they see in music videos is more of an art.

Commenting on the matter, 2016 Malawi’s Best Hip Hop artist Martse, real name Martin Nkhata, who is currently perusing a Diploma Programme at Natural Resource Colleague (NRC) said Urban Music aims at bringing out the best in people and not negativity.

“Malawian youths should learn to plan for their future. Education key to one’s success and what artists do on stage is just for entertainment. I am advising youths in Malawi to know artists both on stage and off stage. The problem is that most youths do not follow their artists by knowing their education background and real lifestyles because most Urban Artists are well educated and some are in good jobs,” he said

On his part, K2Block leader KDZ whose real name Robert Kadzakumanja said he is a lawyer by profession with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

“Most of the youths are lazy these days. They all think of enjoyment but they do not work hard at school. The development of Urban Music in Malawi has changed many things in the livess of the youth but Education is the key to success. Iam a lawyer and also a Hip Hop Artist and my parents are proud of me,” KDZ said.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA