Malawians asked not to divert donations meant for orphans

The Director of Genesis Manja Othandiza, (GEMO) a community based organization, Fatima Maulaka has appealed to Malawians not to divert donations meant for orphans and other vulnerable groups for their personal gains saying doing so jeopardizes the livelihood of the vulnerable people as the tendency frustrates donors.

She said this Thursday in Chilobwe, Blantyre where friends of GEMO, a group of five families donated goods worth more than K300,000 ranging from preschool learning materials to Soya bean flour to GEMO preschool which has over 30 needy and orphaned children.

Mauluka said many vulnerable people are suffering because aid or donations meant for them do not reach them because those who receive and have the authority to distribute the donations often divert the aid for their personal interest.

Many vulnerable people are suffering because many donors who were assisting many orphanages stopped because they were frustrated, She said.

I appeal to my fellow Malawians to take care of the donations and use them in the way the donors have prescribed. We should not have the mind of selling the donations meant for the vulnerable, she advised.

Mauuluka asked donors to make their donations to groups of vulnerable people like orphanages so that many people can benefit from their assistance.

I would like to ask the donors to direct their assistance to places like orphanages as opposed individual households because the assistance is sometimes abused she said adding that if the place their aid towards orphanages they can hear or learn more about ordeals which venerable people are going through.

Mauluka said the donation would assist the children both academically and health wise.

As you have seen they have given us Soya flour. We will be preparing morning meal for them, as you know soya is nutritious which will help in early child development, she said.

Representing the families, Esnath Kapito said they decided to make the donation as a way of expressing love to the orphans.

My message to caretakers of orphanages is that they should love the orphans as they would love their own children in that way they will be responsible and accountable for assistance they get from well wishers, she said adding that they will instill love in orphans which will manifest in their lives as they grow up.

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA