Malawians asked to assist needy students

The Director of Geneses Manja Othandiza (GEMO), a community based organization in Chilobwe, Patuma Mauluka says there is need for Malawians to join hands in making sure that no student drops out of school due to lack of school fees if the country is to have well educated citizens.

Mauluka in an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) said it is the responsibility of every Malawian regardless of their financial status to contribute towards education for students that are lacking school fees so as to ensure a Malawi with self reliant citizens.

“It is sad to note that many bright students not only here in Chilobwe but across the country are dropping out of school because they do not have financial assistance,” she said, adding that Malawians need to join hands to ensure well mannered and better educated citizens.

She said if these students are not going to be assisted the country is likely to have a generation that is not going to contribute effectively towards the development of the country.

“These students need to be assisted otherwise in future they will end up being thieves if they are boys and girls will become prostitutes hence contracting HIV the virus that causes AIDS,” she said adding that it is obvious these students will need money to provide for themselves and their families.

Mauluka said it is against this background that GEMO has decided to increase its bursary programme from 19 to 45 so as to carter for many students who are currently out of school due to lack of support in Chilobwe township.

“Many more students are coming to our office asking for this bursary because their parents or guardians cannot afford to pay for their school fees due to economic hardships they are going through and I am already in consultation with our donors to have the number increase,” she said.

According to Mauluka the area is having an increase in number of orphans a situation that has caused GEMO to register 96 orphans in its preschool.

“We have 19 students in various secondary schools such as Zingwangwa and Chimwankhunda and a total of 96 kids at our nursery school,” she said.

One of the beneficiaries of the bursary program Veronica Kadewere who is in form one at Chimwankhunda community day secondary school appealed to Malawians to start assisting other students like her so that they can realise their dreams

“When I grow up I want to work as a doctor and without an organization like GEMO my dream will not be realised, so my appeal to those that can help is that don’t hesitate for our future depends on your help,” she said.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA