Malawians in South Africa embark on skills empowerment initiative

Karonga, Malawian youth working in South Africa have embarked on vocational skills development and entrepreneurship initiatives for fellow youth residing in the diaspora to promote financial independence.

President for Economic Liberation Movement (ELM), Mada Kambaika said on Sunday that Malawian youth in South Africa face challenges to open up businesses, find work and live a decent life.

Kambaika said ELM is geared to empower citizens living in diaspora with business and vocational skills for them to sustain their families back home.

We have noticed that most Malawian youth in South Africa have a gap in vocational skills and suffer when job markets run dry. The initiative will help with unique poverty-fighting interventions such as entrepreneurship.

We believe that through such initiative, the youth from Malawi will be empowered and that poverty will be eradicated, said Kambaika.

Secretary for the grouping, Blessings Sugar said the initiative started way back in 2013 and has spread its branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town. He said it will soon be launched in Malawi.

He said among others, the grouping shall set up Education Empowerment & Support Initiative to needy students as well as the elderly and women.

Sugar said ELM was optimistic that every Malawian citizen in South Africa will be able to benefit and transform their lives.

Chief Executive Officer for National Youth Council of Malawi, Dingiswayo Jere commended the initiative, saying it will empower the youth so that they no longer rely on employment.

That is the best way to go and Malawi Government is in the same line through the technical training colleges.

If youth are able to get vocational skills and be given start-up capital, they will create own employment as well as for others, said Jere.

Malawians in South Africa continue to suffer from lack of work permit and medical care, low pay, and xenophobic attacks.

One of the workers residing in Cape Town in South Africa, Mphatso Joshua, said life is not rosy in the diaspora, especially when one does not have a valid work permit.

Joshua said the introduction of the Economic Liberation Movement initiative was a relief for the youth to start doing their own things unlike loitering in the streets in search for jobs.

Source: MANA Online