Man sentenced 60 months IHL for robbery

Mwanza, The First Grade Magistrate Court in Mwanza on Tuesday convicted and sentenced Wilson Foso 23 to 60 months Imprisonment with Hard Labour (IHL) for robbery contrary to section 301 (2) of the penal code.

The court heard that on May 23, 2019 along Thambani Forest Foso in the company of his friend, Benjamin Juwawo robbed Peter Kapalamula from the same district of a Lifan motorcycle valued at MK500,000.

Foso fled to Mozambique after committing the offence while his friend (Juwawo) was arrested and sentenced to 60 months IHL for the offence by the same court, said police prosecutor, Inspector Doviko Makawa.

Inspector Makawa said that Foso was later arrested on 19 June this year by members of the community at Mpandasoni along Malawi-Mozambique border and was handed to Zobue Police.

Later, on June 21, he was handed over to Mwanza Police Station by the Zobue Police.

Inspector Makawa further said that on June 25, Foso appeared before court and pleaded guilty to the charge of robbery.

Inspector Makawa then asked the court to give Foso heavy punishment because he disappeared to Mozambique after committing the offence.

The tendency of men running away to Mozambique after committing crime is common in the district therefore he should be given stiffer sentence, said Makawa.

Foso asked the court to be lenient when sentencing him arguing that he was still young and also that he committed the crime after being influenced by his friend, Juwawo.

Before passing judgment His Worship Magistrate Roy Kakutu conquered with the prosecutor saying there was need to deter other offenders therefore sentenced Foso to 60 months IHL.

Foso comes from Mpandasoni Village in the area of Senior Chief Nthache in Mwanza District.

Source: MANA Online