MANEPO helps flood victims in Salima

Salima,Malawi Network of Older Persons Organisation (MANEPO) in collaboration with Red Cross Malawi has donated cash to the elderly people, who were left homeless in Chembe Village Traditonal Authority Pemba in Salima following the heavy rains that occurred in February this year,

Speaking during the handing over of the cash to the elderly on Friday, National coordinator for MANEPO Andrew Kavala said over 344 households from the area are expected to benefit from the flood response cash transfer.

He said after assessing the need MANEPO approached Red Cross and reach an agreement to come and provide cash to the displaced households.

”we have been doing assessment on disaster in Malawi targeting the elderly and as such this cash donation will make a huge difference in their respective homes,” Kavala said.

He said when assessment was done, shelter was the serious problem for the elderly hence the donation.

The National Coordinator explained that each household received K45, 000 cash to reconstruct their houses destroyed by the massive floods occurred in the area.

Kavala revealed that for transparency and accountability sake, they engaged a third party Telecom Network Malawi (TNM) to handle the transferring of the cash to the elderly.

“During the assessment period, the affected people were registered with TNM system to access the cash and the process went on well,” he explained.

He said his organisation received financial support from START Network form UK to help the elderly after assessing their need in the area,

Malawi Red Cross Society Assistant Disaster Manager, Roster Kufandiko said it was a best way to give those cash to help them maintain their homes since they have been living in the camps

He explained that 1,569 households were heavily affected and left homeless in the district following the disaster of which 344 were the elderly receiving the cash donation.

“The cash will enable them to go back to their homes and continue living comfortably with their families,” Kufandiko pointed out.

One of the beneficially, Achawo Akili said the donation has come at a right time when many people in the area are still living in the camps after the massive rains destroyed their homes.

“We were heavily affected by the stormy rains and we lost everything including our houses and crops,” she said Akili.

Akili welcomed the donation saying it will go a long way in maintaining their destroyed houses

Over 385 households from Chembe village in Traditional Authority Pemba have benefited from the flood response cash transfer programme.

There are 5 camps namely, Mgwilizano, Kandulu, Msumwa,Mtanda woyera and Lifidzi camps in the district.

Salima is one of the areas prone to disasters such as floods and strong winds and have been affected by heavy floods from Lifidzi River which ended up destroying dwelling homes, crops and the road network in February this year.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA