MANET+ takes community scorecard to volunteers in Machinga

Machinga, Malawi Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (MANET+) has mentored 35 experts’ clients and other government officials on community scorecard as one way of addressing and documenting issues affecting people living with HIV and AIDS in Machinga.

Speaking at the end of a three day workshop on Wednesday, MANET+ Programmes Manager, Faless Moyo said the workshop was called to capacitate volunteers drawn from all traditional leaders in the district on how they could tackle issues of HIV and AIDS, Tuberculosis as well as human rights.

We want these volunteers to identify issues affecting people living with HIV in the course of accessing health services. Once these volunteers have been empowered they should be able to address and document these issues and then refer them to different authorities for appropriate action, she said.

Moyo said the communities have been trained on how to use scorecard which is one of the tools that would help the service providers and the community to address issues that draws back people from going for HIV testing services and counseling and failure to adhere to Antiretroviral drugs.

The scorecard can help to reduce stigma and discrimination as well as attitudes of health workers towards people living with HIV in so doing improve the relationship between the community and heath service providers further improve the health services delivery and quality life for PLHIV, the Programmes Manager added.

Moyo disclosed that similar trainings have taken place in all 28 districts of the country.

Machinga District Principal Nutrition and HIV and AIDS Officer, Autire Sanyira expressed gratitude to MANET+ for their work in the district.

The training of volunteers will help to bridge the gap that exists between communities and health service providers so that together we should fight against the virus, she pointed out.

Sanyira encouraged the participants to put to use what they have learnt during the training in their day to day work.

According to 2015 to 2016 Malawi Demographic and Health Survey findings, Machinga district’s HIV prevalence rate is at 6.4 per cent.

Source: MANA Online