MBC education awardee blames rural underdevelopment on chiefs’ illiteracy

Rural communities in the country could undergo tremendous development if chiefs and community leaders were educated according to Group Village Head Chapsinja of T/A Masula, Lilongwe rural.

Chapsinja expressed the sentiments in an interview with Malawi News Agency on Tuesday prior to his departure for China where he flies to as awardee in the education category of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC’s) Innovations Awards.

The GVH earned the award prestigious award following his return to secondary school 35 years after dropping off from standard 8, and inspiring at least 20 other elders to enrol for adult literacy and countless youths to sign up for school.

“I was very touched by the high levels of illiteracy and underdevelopment in my village and I resolved to lead by example to effect a positive change,” explained Chapsyinja who rejoined form one at Mitundu Secondary School in 2011 and is now repeating form four having performed below his satisfaction level in the 2015 Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE).

He added “We (chiefs) have the power to effect development in our communities through education by, for example, setting up pro education rules and sanctions to parents and children who do not comply.

“But we the chiefs must be the first to be educated if we are to fully appreciate this notion.”

Chapsinja’s wakeup call has brought about construction of a nursery and primary school along with an adult literacy center in his area.

The MBC innovations awards are an initiative of inspiring the nation through recognition of integrity, hard work and patriotic innovations according to MBC’s Public Relations Officer, Thembi Malinki.

Source: Malawi News Agency – MANA.