Mbenjere resurfaces with new album

Lilongwe, Call it a timely release of the album. His fans were almost dying with thirst of softening their ears with the special singing lyrics and of course his dancing techniques that Malawians know him for.

Lawrence Mbenjere is a well known music artist for his traditional way of singing and dancing, A fan for Mbenjere, Jane Phiri said.

He has now released a new album titled ‘Zibwente which according to him it has come to bring back his followers on the watching, listening and dancing enjoyment.

The album which has eight songs includes zibwente, alinacho, regret, wekha and kubendelera just to mention a few.

Zintebwe album is targeting the youth, more especially the adolescents not to fall prey of bad behaviours due to peer pressure. Mbenjere said.

He continued, People in general should take stock of their habits, issues of marriage breakups, jealous, adultery, gender based violence and general cruelty to be flushed out from our societies.

Mbenjere last released one of his famous albums called ‘Chisokonezo’ which sold well on the market.

The story that he has dropped a new album is exciting to many, particularly because he went in the hiding for several years now, before coming up with a new taste.

He said his album is meant to give his fans the pleasure they need, hence the total silence meant gaining composure for a new bondage with his supporters.

I took time to release another album to give myself time studying how life is so that I bless the followers with the type of songs they need, Mbenjere explained.

The fact that he has released a new album has excited many of his followers who openly expressed their happiness in an interview.

It’s a great pleasure to hear this good news; this has been long awaited for. He wins my heart starting from the time he dropped, ‘Salowa 50’ album, a Mbenjere diehard, Obvious Laston said.

He said that, the uniqueness of Mbenjere is the free usage of words that suits the situation on the ground as it hits on realities of life.

He always imagine himself in a situation of that song when he sings, the reason his songs don’t lose touch with the mind of the listener, like Sewere which most women enjoy most during engagements and wedding ceremonies, Laston observed.

Born Lawrence Mbenjere in a family of six children, he hails from Mchinji District, M’ndakwa Village, Traditional Authority Simphasi.

He was firstly known by Malawians with his song ‘Chiphaso’ in the album called ‘Ndimasilira’ which won the hearts of many.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA