MBTS calls for more blood O negative donors

Blantyre. Malawi Blood Transfusion Services (MBTS) has appealed to Malawians to come out and donate blood group O- which the organisation says is in low supply.

MBTS’s Public Relations Officer, Allen Kaombe, made the appeal Thursday in an interview with Malawi News Agency.

Kaombe said despite putting the announcement in different media platforms, the turn up has not been encouraging such that more blood was required.

We made a request to Malawians few days ago that we urgently needed blood group O-. People have responded to the call but we still need more so that we could keep it in our reserves in case of emergency, Kaombe said.

The Publicist said blood group O- is a special blood group because it is a universal donor and people of this blood group are very few.

Why we requested for the donation of this blood group is because we wanted to have more blood in our reserves and also because many hospitals have been struggling when they have blood group O- patients, Kaombe said.

Blood groups are in categories of O, A, B and AB. Blood group O- has the smallest number of Malawian population. It is about 3 per cent of Malawians that have blood group O- followed by O.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA