Mchacha calls for unity in the DPP

PHALOMBE: Regional Governor for the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the southern region, Charles Mchacha on Wednesday called upon members of the party in Phalombe to be united in order for the party to withstand opposition attempts to take over government in 2019.

Mchacha was speaking during a political rally held at Phalombe Secondary School Ground where among other things the party welcomed over 400 former members of several political parties who joined the DPP.

Addressing a crowd that attended the rally, Mchacha advised senior members of the party including those aspiring for leadership in the party to avoid internal bickering and untimely fighting over positions.

“We know that some of you would like to contest for positions in the coming elections but our advice is that it is not time yet to start politicking. The right time shall come and every aspiring candidate will be told when the floor is open,” said Mchacha.

He further cautioned those aspiring for positions to avoid forming parallel structures within the party saying doing so is against the DPP’s constitution.

“Those vying for positions should work with the already existing party structures on the ground,” he added.

Speaking prior to Mchacha, veteran politician, Brown Mpinganjira who was Vice President for the southern region in the former ruling People’s Party before joining the DPP a few months ago emphasized on Mchacha’s call for unity.

Mpinganjira projected DPP’s triumph in the 2019 tripartite elections, citing development projects that the DPP government has seen through as the main reason for people to retain the party in leadership.

On the main opposition Malawi Congress Party, Mpinganjira wondered how the party was going to deliver development to people in the southern region since it does not want to field candidates in the region.

“The leader of the MCP only wants presidency which is why his party is not interested in fielding candidates here; so how can you expect him to reach out to you shall he win presidency?” he questioned rhetorically.

He further reaffirmed his belief that a party that managed to uproot the then ruling party from government would not struggle to maintain leadership.

Member of Parliament for Phalombe South, Mary Mpanga assured Mchacha that the DPP would sweep more votes from the constituency than it did in the 2014 elections.

During the rally, the Democratic Progressive Party crowned in blue at least 400 defectors who flocked from several opposition parties including the People’s Party.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA