Mchinji district hospital to conduct eye screening in schools

Mchinji, Mchinji District Hospital is in September this year expected to start vision screening in primary and secondary schools in the district.

The district optometrist, Fanizo Kabwazi, confirmed in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) that the vision screening is expected to start at the beginning of 2017-2018 school year where 5000 pupils will be screened.

During the program implementation, the hospital will be providing glasses to students that will be diagnosed with sight problems.

We will go in primary and secondary schools to do vision screening on pupils across the district and if we see that some children have eye problem relating to vision, they are going to get glasses just to help them during learning time, he said.

Kabwazi said it has been noticed through a three month survey done by Malawi’s optometrists in rural and urban primary and secondary schools of Lilongwe that some children fail to perform well in education due to vision problem.

He said out of 2500 students screened in the survey, at least 350 had vision problem and were given glasses.

Children are usually blamed for not being intelligent enough, but parents do not realize or do not know that their children have vision problem considering that children do not do well in classes as they fail to see. So this is another challenge that is making students not to perform well in education in Malawi, he noted.

Meanwhile, Mchinji District Commissioner, Rosemary Nawasha, has welcomed the initiative saying it will help to improve children’s performance in the district especially those with sight problem hence quality education will be achieved.

Eye screening in the district is supported by Brien Holden Vision Institute, the Ministries of Health and Education, Science and Technology

Source: Malawi News Agency � MANA