Minister for speedy construction of Kawere-Mkanda road in Mchinji

Mchinji: Minister of Transport and Public Works, Jappie Mhango has called for speedy completion of the Kawere-Mkanda road which is being upgraded to bitumen standards.

The minister made the call on Wednesday in Mchinji when he visited the district to appreciate progress on the 10-km road which is being constructed by Unik Construction Company through the National Roads Authority (NRA).

He said government is concerned when projects take long to be completed, saying the delay leads to more costs being incurred in the process.

Mhango said construction on the Kawere-Mchinji road has delayed because most parts of the road are water-logged, a condition which gives more challenges to the contractor.

The contractors have assured us that they will add more man power and resources to ensure the project is completed on time.

The contractors are bringing materials from outside the country to accelerate the progress and we hope by April, 2019, there will be significant progress, he added.

He said government was not apportioning the blame of delays to contractors because the designer who designed the construction of the road overlooked some of the issues in the construction.

Mhango said government has put emphasis on the upgrading and maintenance of road network in the country for efficient transportation of goods and services.

Chief Executive Officer for National Roads Authority (NRA), Engineer Emmanuel Matapa said there was a change of the initial design to include pavement designs to ensure that the road does not sink on passage of heavy traffic.

We have redesigned the road and changed some aspects to fill the water logged areas to ensure we end up with a good product, he said.

According to Mchinji District Commissioner (DC), Rosemary Nawasha, the road would help people of Mkanda, one of the biggest farming areas, to transport their goods to Mchinji boma and other districts without challenges.

The Project is being financed by Malawi Government to the tune of K4.7 billion.

Source: Malawi News Agency MANA